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WebLessons is a three-part digital education system that puts real technology integration within practical reach of South African schools

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"Our History department has successfully incorporated WebLessons into our school curriculum. We use WebLessons for Continuous Assessment, supplementary learning, and performance evaluations."

- Sue Grove, Head of History, Herschel Girls School, Western Cape

"WebLessons makes teaching and learning so easy and fun for both educator and learner (whether in the classroom on the interactive board or in the computer lab). It opens up a whole world of well researched Web links, lesson ideas, fully interfaced lessons for students and other valuable resources – right at your fingertips. It saves our teachers time and it offers our learners an additional, sate of the art educational resource."

- Jackie Welch, IT Head, Kingsmead College, Johannesburg

"WebLessons has allowed us to obtain even greater benefits from the technology we have incorporated into our school over the past few years.  Our teachers find it very easy to use, and the content excellent. We are looking forward to the expansion of Weblessons into even more disciplines."

- Stuart Levey, History, Herschel Girls School, Claremont, Cape Town

"The WebLessons History Curriculum is excellent, it’s fully standardized to the NCS and my learner’s just love using the system. It brings the history alive and makes it interesting. Above all, I have found WebLessons easy to incorporate into my curriculum."

- Debbie Kamang, History, Kings School, Bryanston, Johannesburg

"WebLessons provides me with an excellent tool which I have incorporated into my classroom teaching. I highly recommend this resource to not only life science educators, but also to educators in other disciplines."

- Annette Smith, Life Science, Epworth Independent School for Girls, Pietermaritzburg

Digital Education for South Africa

Web Based Curriculum

The Internet gives educators unparalleled access to a wealth of rich instructional content: descriptions and photos, animations and presentations, charts and graphs, simulations and live scientific data feeds, and more. We built our Web- based curriculum around the best of these outstanding resources, breathing life into traditional classroom pedagogies and speaking to a new generation of learners through digital literacy, their native language. WebLessons is the only solution of its kind to bring online resources within easy reach of educators: if you can open a Web browser, you can teach with WebLessons. You don't need to look for great sites, design lessons, write questions, or think up extended learning activities and projects—that has already been done by Internet education specialists, leaving you to focus on teaching and motivating learners. more

eLearning Applications

WebLessons further leverages the Internet by using it as a platform for elearning applications. The first of these is an easy-to-use elearning management system that allows educators to assign lessons, assess performance, and track learner progress. The second is an elearning delivery system that guides learners through a structured sequence of Web content, seamlessly integrating directions, study questions, vocabulary, quizzes, and inquiry-based projects every step of the way. Learners can even submit their work online. Educators can use WebLessons for whole class instruction, collaborative learning, directed self-study, homework, or even remediation. It's that flexible. WebLessons is a fully hosted application, so there is nothing to install or maintain. All you need is an Internet connection. more

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Online Professional Development is available to all educators who use WebLessons. This training is designed to help educators develop the knowledge and skills needed to maximize their use of WebLessons and gain confidence with Web-supported instruction. During each nine-week course, educators participate in dynamic virtual learning communities engaging in a variety of topics and issues ranging from subject matter expertise to technology integration. Additionally, multimedia tutorials can be accessed at any time from WebLessons. more


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