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Whether you teach at a school or district, in a single classroom, a virtual school, or at home, we have a purchase option that meets your needs.

Single Classroom

For Public and Private (IEB) school educators, purchasing a single-classroom license is an excellent way to integrate technology into your teaching.

Starting at 649.99 ZAR


WebLessons is a perfect fit for small colleges, especially those that emphasize technology. Our learn-anywhere model allows for stronger connectivity between the college and home.

Special Pricing

School or District

WebLessons is a great tool for schools and districts committed to technology integration, with the additional bonus of detailed utilization and efficacy reports. This gives school IT administrators full visibility into the impact of the program at a classroom, school, or district level.

Home Learning

WebLessons offers exceptional value for parents who teach a standards-based curriculum in the home and who wish to supplement their children's after-school learning.

Starting at 59.99 ZAR


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