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FET Special Projects

  • FIFA World Cup SA 2010
    • Introducing South Africa
      • South Africa: A Brief History
      • An Eye on a Region: The North West Province
      • An Eye on a Region: The Eastern Cape, Its Districts and ECSDRAC
    • How It All began
      • Digging into History, the Origins of Modern-Day Soccer and Celebrations in Africa
    • Soccer Today
      • Footballs Modern Touch and the Landscape of South African Soccer
      • The World of Football Management and Chronicles of the World Cup
    • Football in Africa
      • African Nations Cup and Who's Who in the World of African Soccer
    • Some Legendary Footballers
      • Soccer Stars: The Men and the Woman and Our Animal Kingdom
    • Beyond Soccer
      • Soccer Technicalities and the Schedule of the 2010 Tournament
  • Maropeng WebLessons
    • An Introduction to Maropeng
      • Introducing Maropeng and the Cradle of Humankind
  • National Football League
    • Evolution
      • Football Uniforms and Safety Gear
    • Biography
      • The Great Professional Football Coaches

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